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How long will I have access?
Your tuition covers 12 months of access to a course and its resources, after which your enrollment will automatically renew for a course access fee of $5 per month. The initial term for bundles lasts 24 months and renews at $10 / month. You can cancel at any time.

Do you offer refunds?
Yes, we offer a 3-day money-back guarantee. Per our Terms and Conditions, each student is limited to one refund, and you may not download or copy the course materials.

Are payments secure?
Payments are processed by Stripe, and your personal and payment details are never provided to Master Samurai Tech. You can click here to read Stripe's full privacy policy.

Do you offer financing?
Yes, we offer monthly financing through Affirm, just select “Or Get Financing with Affirm” when enrolling, then click “Pay with Affirm.”

Do you offer discounts?
We offer companies up to 15% off every additional technician they enroll, but beyond the occasional sale, we do not have other discount programs.

Can I get a receipt?
Stripe will automatically send a receipt to the email address you use to enroll. If you are not the student and need a copy, ask them to forward it to you or contact us.

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Terms and Conditions *

When you enroll as a student in the Master Samurai Tech Academy ("the Academy"), you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

Hold Harmless

Appliance repair can be dangerous because it involves working on live electrical circuits which, when done improperly, can result in electrical shock, injury, and even death. Appliance repair can also involve handling heavy equipment in ergonomically unfriendly situations, which can result in various bodily injuries. Moving and disassembling appliances improperly can cause damage to the appliance or the surrounding property in the customer's house. While the Academy makes every effort to teach and encourage safe repair procedures, it cannot be held liable for any mistakes you may make during service calls or any property damage you may inflict or personal injury you may sustain. By enrolling in the Samurai Tech Academy, you agree to hold the Academy and all its personnel and staff harmless from any damage you may cause or sustain in your practice of appliance repair.

Copying or Sharing Academy Materials and Access

Our courses are designed and priced to be used by one individual student per enrollment. We ask you to honor this intention, which helps to protect both the student experience and the Academy.

By enrolling yourself or another student in the Samurai Tech Academy you are agreeing to the following:

1. Students will keep their login information private. The only additional person allowed to have the login info is someone in a supervisory role who needs to be able to check in on the progress of a student or change account information.

2. Students will protect the content of the coursework. Of course you can show a few tidbits to a friend or coworker in order to encourage them to enroll themselves, but otherwise this course material is for your training purposes alone.

Please do not use an enrollment in any kind of “group training” situation without the express permission of Master Samurai Tech. If you have a number of techs who need training, please contact us so we can discuss your situation and offer you group pricing.

Refund Policy

To give you peace of mind about making this investment in your future, we offer a 3-day money-back guarantee. You have 3 days to try out the course(s), and if you decide it is not right for you then we will refund 100% of your tuition. We only require that you have not downloaded or in any way copied the course materials. Each student is limited to one refund (one course or one bundle). By enrolling in the Academy, you agree to this refund policy.


The Academy has several prerequisites listed below. By applying for admission to the Academy, you attest that you will have satisfied these prerequisites by the time you complete the first unit in the course you are enrolled in.


  • A computer with internet access, preferably broadband
  • The latest version of Chrome or Firefox browsers. Other browsers may have occasional video playback issues! (See our Student Resource Page for more information.)
  • If you use Windows XP, you must download and use either Google Chrome or Firefox; Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9 are not supported.
  • Proficiency in doing basic, simple operations with your web browser, e.g., copy and paste, clearing your browser cache, copying a URL from the address bar, making a screen shot, downloading files and knowing where to find them on your hard drive. (Note: there is plenty of free help online to get these skills quickly up to speed, such as basic computer skills tutorials on YouTube.)
  • The ability to read English
  • The ability to speak and write English clearly and understandably (we're not looking for Pulitzer prize winners but you gotta be able to communicate clearly with us so we can help you!)
  • A PDF or hard copy of the book, Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances, 3rd Edition, by Eric Kleinert.

Honor Code

While all the quizzes in the Academy are "open-anything" (i.e., use any text, book, or reference you need to answer the questions), the answers to the quizzes are expected to be yours and yours alone. You agree not to solicit the answers from other students. The whole point of the quizzes are to ensure that you have mastered key points in a unit before moving on to the next unit. Fishing for answers to the quizzes defeats the purpose of this. Further, you agree not to post the answers to the various quizzes anywhere they can be seen by others. You also agree that you will not give out the answers to questions if asked by another student. You agree that cheating is dishonorable and unworthy of anything to do with the Samurai.

Violating these Terms and Conditions

Any action the Samurai takes in response to a violation on these Terms and Conditions will be dependent on the specific circumstances. These actions range from a simple warning to expulsion. To get expelled, you would have to do something pretty egregious, such as getting caught cheating or helping others to cheat; distributing the proprietary Academy course content to others who are not enrolled in that same Academy course; sharing your personal student access information with others. Those are the three biggies. You agree that if you are expelled from the Academy, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Dispute Resolution

I really hope it never gets to this but I've been working with the general public long enough to know that people can surprise you and disagreements can arise. Private Mediation is a low-cost, effective way to resolve disputes and address grievances. You agree to resolve any disputes over these Terms and Conditions or that otherwise may arise with the Academy by a certified mediator in the State of New Hampshire, USA. You agree that the mediator shall be chosen only by the Academy management and that you will be responsible for your own costs to attend the mediation, if desired.

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