Hands-on Appliance Training Resources


Your training at the Master Samurai Tech Academy focuses on understanding the technology used in modern, computer-controlled appliances and developing a disciplined troubleshooting approach to solving problems with them. These are the high-dollar skills that you need to have to be successful.

But disassembly and reassembly are definitely parts of the job. So what about hands-on training?

The answer for working techs:

Students who are current techs will naturally get hands-on practice, either by working on actual appliances during their daily service calls, or by participating on ride-alongs with a more experienced technician. Learn in your downtime, then apply the skills and knowledge during your service appointments, cementing your new knowledge with the hands-on practice.

The answer for techs not working at the moment:

Whether you’re a complete newbie or in between jobs, there are work-arounds:

  • You can work on your own appliances, or those of your friends and family
  • You can get junk/used appliances (from Craigslist for example) to work on at home
  • Or you can dive straight into taking repair jobs on the side, starting very slowly

If you need help figuring out a work-around, we’re happy to help.

Where to Get More Information If You Need It

Appliantology.org, YouTube, and the internet have made hands-on training pretty much obsolete.

  • Members at Appliantology.org (which includes all new Master Samurai Tech students and all Certified graduates) can download service manuals with detailed disassembly information and testing information.
  • YouTube has tens of thousands of free videos showing every kind of disassembly you can think of (worth checking out: Repair Clinic, Appliance Parts Pros, and Parts Select). 

Remember: anyone can use a wrench and screwdriver, especially people as handy as the members of the appliance repair industry, so we have every confidence that you can master the mechanical part of the job.