Honor Code

By enrolling in the Master Samurai Tech Academy you are agreeing to all of our Terms and Conditions.

Our Honor Code is one of the most important of those:

Honor Code

While all the quizzes and exams in the Academy are "open-book" (i.e., the course material, reference book, and your notes), the answers to the tests are expected to be yours and yours alone. You agree not to solicit the answers from other students or do internet searches during the quiz/exam. The whole point of the quizzes and exams is to ensure that you have mastered key points in a unit before moving on to the next unit and to evaluate how well you have retained the material at the end of each module or the whole course. Fishing for answers defeats the purpose of this. Further, you agree not to post the answers to the various quizzes or exams anywhere they can be seen by others. You also agree that you will not give out the answers to questions if asked by another student. You agree that cheating is dishonorable and unworthy of anything to do with the Samurai.

Violating these Terms and Conditions

Any action Master Samurai Tech takes in response to a violation on these Terms and Conditions will be dependent on the specific circumstances. Evidence of cheating will at a minimum result in the loss of Certification for that course, but may lead to expulsion. To get expelled, you would have to do something pretty egregious, such as getting caught cheating or helping others to cheat; distributing the proprietary Academy course content to others who are not enrolled in that same Academy course; sharing your personal student access information with others. Those are the three biggies. You agree that if you are expelled from the Academy, you will not be entitled to a refund.

If you need help:

Some of the quizzes and exams are challenging and you may need additional help. If you are having any difficulties, don't get help or answers from others. We offer personalized, timely, and accurate help as part of your enrollment in the Academy - just come to the Ask the Teacher Forums and we're happy to help.