Internetology: Internet Basics for Everyone

This is a FREE course on the very basics of using the Internet.

If you are comfortable surfing the Web and using it in your daily life, then some units in this course will be unnecessary for you. However, others might be helpful, particularly if you want to optimize your use of the Academy and Appliantology.

For those of you (often from a certain generation!) who are a little confused by the Internet, the terms used for things, and the general way you're supposed to write and interact, this course is definitely for you!

In working with Academy students and Appliantology members, we often get asked questions like "What's a browser?", "I don't know what a URL is", or "WHY DO PEOPLE NOT LIKE IT WHEN I TYPE LIKE THIS?".

Master Samurai Tech is all about imparting information via the web, and we don't want anyone to be left out of soaking up all the Appliantological goodness we can dish out, so we designed this course to answer those questions and help people get familiar with browsing the Internet and communicating on it through emails, private messages, or forum posts.

This course will improve your usage of the Master Samurai Tech websites, but also help you with any other ways you use the internet.

You can see the units we've created below. We will be adding more as we get feedback and requests from you!

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Course Syllabus:
Module 1 Internetology
A brief course on the basics of using and navigating the Internet.
Unit 1 The Importance of Reading  
Unit 2 Introduction to Browsers  
Unit 3 How to Use a Browser  
Unit 4 Etiquette on the Internet  
Unit 5 How to Attend a Webinar