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Here are some lessons and quizzes from the Oven and Range course. We start with some of the first few lessons, so you can get a feel for how it all works, and then skip ahead to a later lesson to give you a taste for some of the more advanced instruction.

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Course Syllabus:
Module 1 Oven and Range Repair Sample Course Orientation
Welcome! This sample will show you how the courses work, but does not reflect the depth of knowledge you'll learn (for that, consult the course syllabus). The full course will equip you with an engineer's understanding of how gas and electric cooking appliances work, an electrician's expertise with circuitry, and a scientist's approach to troubleshooting. It may sound hard, and like more knowledge than you need, but our graduates know it's everything they never knew they needed to be successful at their jobs.
Unit 1 Oven and Range Repair Orientation (Module 1, Unit 1 from Oven and Range Repair)  
Module 2 Technology Used in Cooking Appliances (Module 3 from Oven and Range Repair)
Technology Used in Cooking Appliances
Unit 1 RTD Oven Temperature Sensors  
Module 3 Case Study 1: Dual Fuel Range - Electric Oven No Heat (Module 5 from Oven and Range Repair)
Case Study 1
Unit 1 Case Study 1: Problem Statement  
Unit 2 CS1: Schematic Review and Initial Findings