Service Manuals, Ongoing Tech Support, and MORE at Appliantology.org!

MST Academy students know the critical importance of prediagnosis and having the necessary technical documents before heading out on a service call. That's why you should know about our tech community support site where you can get the service manuals and other prediagnostic info you need: Appliantology.org!


Appliantology.org is our world-class tech support site where professional appliance techs ("Appliantologists") across the globe get help with specific appliance repair problems. Appliantology.org is more than just a forum-- it is the Internet's Colossus of Appliance Repair Tech Support that empowers you to kick appliance bootay!

When you start new topics in the forums at Appliantology.org, other tech members-- your Brethren in the Craft-- can post helpful replies. You can also download service manuals and tech sheets. Those who become technician members ("Professional Appliantologists") have lots of extra perks and helps available to them at Appliantology including

  • access to tech-only forums
  • UNLIMITED downloads
  • Exclusive live webinars
  • Access to webinar recordings

You can see all the benefits of becoming a Professional Appliantologist on the Appliantology membership page.

Appliantology.org is an indispensable daily resource for the professional appliance tech actively practicing the craft, but it is not a substitute for the detailed, fundamental training you get here at the Master Samurai Tech Academy. Think of Appliantology as your support site for continuing education and job research once you are out running service.

Learn all about Appliantology in our free and fun short course, Appliantology 101: Your Guide to the Ultimate Appliance Repair Information Tool.