Bill Almon

Like so many appliance repair techs, Bill Almon is experienced hands-on yet wanted to expand that knowledge base, given that the work is now more technical than ever. Bill also knew his earning potential would increase if he expanded his knowledge base.

Self-employed for 8 years in HVAC, plumbing, electrical and A/C, Bill took the Business and Fundamentals Courses and found the materials helpful from many perspectives.

“The online course format is great for my time management of a busy schedule running my own business, local classes and pursuing my HVAC license at the same time.  The time flexibility was great!”

Bill’s outlook is that it’s good to put some money toward the investment of his continuing education, and to stay current in his career of appliance repair, a trade that is constantly changing.

“I can at times be intense, focused, driven, and so distractions can be irritating. I want to learn up-to-date and accurate data.  I don’t like to team up with guys, or websites, that slow me down and this site was perfect.”

When purchasing education online it can be hard to determine credibility and the question you pose to yourself can be like Bill’s: “Does this guy know what he’s doing?”

“You’ve got to prove to me it’s worth it. Anything online seems to require a leap of faith.  With this online training, my concerns were erased. The work was challenging but accurate, on point and related to problems I have seen in the field.”

One of the reasons Bill feels Samurai Tech Academy is a training resource you can trust, is that there are more than one expert utilized.  Bill says, “You can tap into someone else’ brain.  There are others to teach and communicate and talk about what is behind the door.  I was always looking forward to the next section. And am now looking forward to investing in the next series, in which I will be enrolling.”