Patrick Pellerin


Patrick is always seeking to be the most up-to-date in technical skills.  As such he has an appreciation for the coursework he has taken on Samurai Tech Academy.  As a business owner he has found that both the Business and Fundamentals courses were more than worth what he paid for them.

“With my business, Pellerin Appliances,” Patrick said, “I’ve been an appliance tech for 3 years and there was still a lot of info on the site that was new to me.   The course work is valuable.  Even though I started with the Business Course, I think students should start with the basics on the Fundamentals course.  The schematics and motors instruction were highly valuable.”

“This is hands-on as you can get without being in-person.  All the other resources, books, videos and other things are great.” Patrick explained further, “I’ve spent a lot of time with ‘fix-it’ sites and I’ve even paid so much more with one of their competitors, Uncle Harry’s and yet, this Samurai Tech Academy is so much better than anything else online. They are accurate and up-to-date, unlike so much of their competition whose education materials are archaic and obsolete.  I found Samurai Tech Academy so valuable I think the price is actually low.”

Patrick serves a wide geographical area in Texas and sees so many brands and issues. “There are so many machines and brands out there.  Scott knows his machines and knows his repairs.  I’m looking forward to any new courses coming up.”