The specific problems with this electric dryer were that it would run but not heat and the drum light stopped working, yet the motor still ran.

A couple of important concepts that are taught here at the Samurai Tech Academy are illustrated in this interesting and unusual service call that I had recently:

1) there can sometimes be an unusual situation that is causing what sounds like a typical problem, so you have to keep a holistic view of the entire appliance, its surroundings, and its inputs (i.e., electric or gas supply);

2) pre-diagnosing an appliance using the schematic diagram always makes the service call more efficient. I knew exactly what I needed to look at first which allowed me to zero in on the problem quickly rather than wasting time going down false trails. Huge benefit: I didn't spend unnecessary time disassembling the dryer.

Come with me now on a Journey of Total Appliance Enlightenment, and sharpen those schematic-reading skills along the way!


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