Webinar Recording: Appliantology is Your Key to Appliance Repair Service Call Success

The Old Skool method of doing service calls was to go out on the call and pray to the pot bellied Buddha that the tech sheet was still hidden somewhere on the appliance. The plan being that, if the tech sheet was still there, you could stare at the lines and squiggles with sufficient gravitas and grunting noises to convince the customer you had reached a definitive and scientific conclusion about the problem.

My friends, I'm here to tell you that the Internet has made this Monkey Boy way of doing bidness obso-frikkin-lete! With powerful information tools, like Appliantology, at your fingertips, there's no need to rely on the pot bellied Buddha leaving the tech sheet for you. This webinar will teach you a whole new way of doing bidness using Appliantology as your trusty information tool, every bit as valued as your Bosch driver or Princeton Tec headlamp, and increase your First Call Completes and profitability.