As a multi-truck appliance repair operator, you need to be sure every one of your technicians is performing at the top of their game on every service call. Gone are the days when fridges and ranges used simple mechanical controls that a rookie tech could quickly understand and repair. Today’s appliances demand a level of technical expertise and interpersonal skills undreamed of even a few years ago.

For instance, in a state-of-the-art kitchen, all appliances can be networked and synced to perform tasks programmed remotely. Modern coffee systems custom-blend brews to individual preferences and even mix bean types to taste. Smartphone- and tablet-controlled ranges are in the offing, and kitchen robots can already take over the monotony of making the perfect risotto, among many other routine tasks. There’s even a 3-D food printer, no joke!

With so many technical advances coming from every direction every year, it’s hard enough to keep up with the technology without having to worry about assuring quality control for each service call to make sure customers are happy in sometimes challenging situations. That’s why continuing education for your appliance repair techs makes good business sense.

From new hires to old hands, your techs will benefit from continuing education in several important ways:

  • All of your technical staff will receive expert interpersonal skills guidance so you can be sure the service to your customers is of consistently high quality and customer satisfaction, no matter which tech handles the job.
  • New appliance service techs coming into your company will quickly come up to speed on important people skills and receive valuable pointers for conducting service calls when they enter a customer’s home.
  • If desired, we can customize training to the way things are done in your shop, again assuring consistent service quality across the board.
  • Continuing education not only gives your techs the confidence to meet new challenges on the job, it promotes loyalty to you and longevity in employment, a big benefit to you in reducing costly turnover and building a highly skilled staff — and securing your competitive advantage.

    At Master Samurai Tech we specialize in developing every tech's skills — both professional and personal — to enhance their customers’ experience. It’s an investment in your staff that will pay off in enhanced customer satisfaction and more business for your company. Click here for more information on our Professional Development course!